The 2024 Judaica Family Calendar

Designed with YOU in mind

The 13 month Judaica wall calendar with over 1,000 stickers is here to simplify your busy life and unite your family in celebrating special times.

Fantastic Features

  • 2 Sizes
    2 different sizes for easy use

  • 1000+ Stickers
    to customize special days appointments and reminders.

  • Large boxes
    for designing and referencing.

  • Hebrew and English dates.
    Including shaded boxes for Shabbos, Yamim tov, and Rosh Chodesh

  • Celebrate success

  • Commemorate Milestones

  • Anticipate yamim tovim

  • Facilitate Structure

Easy ways to display your days

Calendar Pad

  • Custom lucite board from Dacor Judaica

  • Magnet onto your fridge

  • Pushpin on corkboard

New - Spiral Calendar

  • Top Hanging Hook

2024 Family Calendar

Choice of 2 sizes

Our happy customers

Calendar + Acrylic Board


  • Classic design will enhance any space in your home

  • Share joy and connection to our Zmanim

  • Introduce core learning skills such as communication, numeration and organization